Trust Statement: Expectations for the Autumn Term 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The Wessex Learning Trust is committed to the safeguarding
of learners and staff, particularly as it relates to the current COVID
situation, and as such I write to highlight some key expectations for behaviour
in accordance with our reopening plans for September.

Each of our schools will have their own bespoke risk
assessments and arrangements that mitigate against the risks of COVID according
to the needs of those sites and buildings.

Schools’ behaviour policies have been amended to reflect the
need to mitigate against spreading the virus. These policies will safeguard all
people in school and will relate specifically to being upfront about behaviour
patterns by learners that are not acceptable which could put other learners at
risk. Staff in school will be adhering to similar measures in order to protect
learners and fellow staff.

The expectations for Parents (from each school) will
broadly say:

  • If your child, or anyone in your household shows
    symptoms of COVID-19, we expect you not to send them to school and that you
    will self-isolate as a family. You will need to get your family tested and let
    the school know the outcome as soon as possible via telephone
  • If your child shows symptoms of COVID-19 at
    school, you will be expected to collect your child from school immediately. You
    will need to get them tested and let the school know as soon as possible via
    telephone of the outcome
  • If you drop your child off and pick them up from
    school, you will need to adhere to the social distancing rules and leave the
    school site as quickly as possible
  • If you are dropping off and picking up, you will
    need to stick to the school timings or any amended timings, for your child
  • Your school will be strict about what items your
    child can bring into school. This is to mitigate against the possible transmission
    of the virus on objects from home
  • Unfortunately, you will not be allowed into the
    school without a pre-arranged appointment in order to safeguard our learners
    and staff
  • Please support all staff in their efforts to
    create an ‘as safe as possible’ environment during this time

The expectations for Learners (from each school) will
broadly say:

  • Learners will need to stay within and follow the
    ‘bubble rules’
  • Learners will be expected to sanitise / wash
    hands as soon as they get into school
  • Learners need to tell a member of staff if they
    feel unwell
  • Learners are not to bring items from home into
    school, or take things from school to home, unless specified (specified items
    may include a learner’s own pencil case with pen, ruler etc)
  • Learners are not to mix with any other learners
    from outside their bubble
  • Learners can only enter and exit the school
    premises and buildings from those which have been designated
  • Learners will follow the catch it-bin it-kill it
    rules of coughing and sneezing into their elbow or a tissue
  • Learners will regularly wash their hands using
    soap and water / sanitise throughout the school day

The schools’ behaviour policies will broadly say the

If a learner accidentally breaks or disregards the
safeguarding guidelines and expectations, for example, if a child
unintentionally breaks social distancing advice, puts items in their mouths
(pens, jumpers etc), is not following instructions given by adults or is not
following hygiene rules, the following action may apply:

  1. Friendly warning will be given, and a reminder
    of the rules discussed
  2. Firm warning will be given, and a reminder of
    the rules given again and notice that a concern will be logged if the behaviour
    is repeated
  3. The learner may be required to be sent home in
    order to protect other children. Parents/Carers will be contacted, and a
    conversation will be held about how the child can be supported to return to
    school safely

If a learner wilfully puts or threatens to put the health of
others at risk, for example, threatens to cough, spit, lick, break social
distance, or not follow hygiene or other instructions, then the following
sanctions may apply:

  1. The learner will be isolated until a
    parent/carer can come to collect them. A conversation will be held with a
    parent/carer about how the child can be supported to return to school safely
  2. If unsafe behaviour continues upon the return to
    school, the school will discuss provision for the child to continue their
    education at home through home learning during the COVID-19 crisis

We fully understand that this has been a difficult time for
all, and that everyone is keen for children to be back in school and learning.
Our prime Trust objective is that we keep everyone as safe as possible and
mitigate risk. Much thinking and planning has taken place across the Trust
schools in anticipation of our students returning to ensure that we are doing
so in a safe manner, and within the current parameters and measures that we
must be mindful of.

I wish to thank you again for your work with us during these
testing times, and for your understanding of our decisions and expectations.

Your Sincerely,

Gavin Ball

Chief Executive