School Improvement

The Wessex Learning Trust core purpose is to secure the very best life chances of children and young people. Every stakeholder is committed to providing high-quality education for all. Children and young people are taught to have a powerful sense of pride and positive attitudes to learning so that everyone feels safe, happy, healthy, and confident.

School improvement is the key to school effectiveness. At the heart of raising standards and unlocking potential, the core offer ensures accountability, drives strategic thinking and effective deployment of resources to secure positive outcomes. Children and young people are at the heart of every decision and action.

Our Mission

The Wessex School Improvement Team provides support and challenge so that children and young people can achieve their very best. Children and young people are at the heart of every decision and action.

The Core Offer is underpinned by the principle of collective efficacy and a blend of aligned systems, supported by the Professional Learning Community (PLC) networks and events. This is the platform for hardwired collaboration, opportunities for school-to-school networking and leadership development.

Our Vision

  • Provide high quality adaptive teaching, learning, resources, and support for all children and young people.
  • Be the employer of choice offering high quality professional development and actively supporting staff workload and wellbeing.
  • Remain an ethical and well led organisation that provides Civic Leadership for, and within, local communities.
  • To achieve excellent outcomes listed within the top 20% of Schools Trusts.

Our Values

Living our Values

  • Vision and creativity underpin a converged curriculum that is skillfully adapted to context and enacted through high quality adaptive teaching and subject pedagogies.
  • Partnership and innovation are central to the Wessex Professional Learning Community. Networks and events provide opportunity for every stakeholder to stay evidence informed, well-resourced and reflective through collaboration.
  • Accountability and clarity are integral to quality assurance. This includes celebrating strengths, identifying next steps and potential vulnerabilities so that every stakeholder is supported to be self-improving.

Our Core Offer Accountability and Systems

The School Improvement Core Offer is a key element of the Wessex quality assurance, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms.  Visits include time for ‘giving account’, providing opportunity for leaders to share a summary of context and rationale. This approach fosters meaningful discussion and focus on accountability, outcomes and the wellbeing of children and young people. Leaders seek to share the narrative of improving rather than merely proving.

Visits include:

  • review and update of school context with relevant leaders
  • preceding action and impact
  • Information gathering (learning walks, student voice, staff voice, book looks)
  • key next steps and action

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Sets

Quantitative data sets are reported via aligned assessment and reporting systems. The School Improvement Core Offer reports qualitative data sets using a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked to Leadership, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Systems and Compliance.