Vision & Values

The vision of the Trust is driven by its ambition to provide high quality education and personal development for all children and young people, from the ages of 6 months – 19 years, regardless of background or ability. It believes in valuing all staff and developing a growth mind-set around distributive leadership. Hope, belief and aspiration are woven through what we do, comparable to words written through a stick of rock.

This means:

  • A holistic approach to developing the whole child.
  • Outstanding academic outcomes for all young people regardless of background or ability.
  • First class personal development and welfare that develops self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and promotes a ‘can-do’ culture.
  • Participation opportunities for all young people developing and celebrating the particular talents and skills that each person will have inside.
  • An exceptional business and community support network that provides aspiration and guidance.
  • Developing well-rounded young people with polite manners, who care and respect others for who they are.

What is crucial:

  • Is that we are focused on the child, not a business system.
  • The 2 to 19 synonymous Education system that we stand for. It is about nurturing children from the earliest of ages and promoting their academic and personal development in every stage, with every member of staff sharing responsibility for that child’s journey through the one-education system that is the Wessex Learning Trust.
  • Our values and ethos permeate through that entire journey including our Christian values where appropriate.
  • Our teachers and schools are focussed on their core business of teaching, learning and assessment. Our care systems look after our young people’s welfare and nurture their development.
  • We nurture our staff, working in a collegiate fashion, to promote bottom-up innovation, intrinsic motivation and a strong sense of self and purpose.

What is imperative:

  • We are anchored in our communities. It takes a whole community to educate a child.
  • Each school in the Trust serves its community. They are schools that are at the heart of those communities and the Trust will keep those hearts beating. We preserve and champion the Church ethos in those schools where appropriate and work as partners with the Diocese.
  • We are not restricted to three-tier system schools and are open to primary and secondary schools.
  • We are inclusive to our communities supporting our schools and young people; albeit with mentoring, reading, business advocacy or enterprise.
  • We focus on learning and development. That is our core business.
  • Business systems make our core business work effectively within our vision and values.
  • Strong business systems leadership allow our Headteachers to focus on developing young people ensuring that we maximise the impact of our income for the sake of our young people.
  • The trust sees itself as a guardian of Christian values within schools that are VC or VA and as a solution to keep village schools open and are active members of those communities.