Books Come to Life Across Wessex Learning Trust: From Dressing Up to Bake-Offs on World Book Day!

March 15, 2024

Last week, Trust schools embraced the magic of literature on World Book Day. While some students adorned themselves as characters from their favorite books, others explored creative avenues to celebrate books and reading.

Dressing up as characters from literature has long been a hallmark of World Book Day celebrations. Many students eagerly donned costumes, bringing to life characters ranging from wizards to superheroes, as they paraded through school corridors and classrooms.

However, recognizing that dressing up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, some schools within the trust encouraged alternative ways to celebrate the occasion. At Nailsea School, for instance, students showcased their culinary talents in a mouthwatering World Book Day Bake Off. Twenty-five delightful entries flooded the competition, each inspired by the pages of beloved novels.

The Bake Off not only provided a platform for students to express their creativity but also offered a delicious opportunity to blend literature with gastronomy. From cakes adorned with edible replicas of book pages to Harry Potter themed cupcakes, the entries displayed an impressive fusion of literary inspiration and culinary skill!

Across the Wessex Learning Trust, World Book Day served as a vibrant reminder of the power of literature to ignite young minds and foster a lifelong love for reading. Whether through costumes or cakes, students embraced the spirit of the day, celebrating stories that transport them to worlds beyond their imagination.