Why Join Our Trust

Who we are

Wessex Learning Trust is a successful family of schools, preschools, leisure centre and teacher training centre, consisting of 17 schools educating children from 2-19 years. We are proud to be a Somerset-based Multi-Academy Trust with schools across Somerset and North Somerset who share our deep-seated passion on unlocking potential, improving outcomes and maximising life chances for young people.

We are child-centred in everything we do, delivering high-quality education to 5,800 young people driven by our talented and committed staff who share our empowerment ethos: we support school leaders to lead, to make their own decisions, to show flair, be brave and to be proud. We empower our teachers and teaching assistants to be imaginative in our classrooms, to develop their own talents, to have fun, to try new things and to co-construct their practice with other teachers and staff across the Wessex family.

Vision and Growth Strategy

We are the largest Somerset-based Multi-Academy trust, we are the Somerset Trust serving Somerset schools. Together we are stronger as a family of schools, who support each other and challenge each other. We have a ‘can-do mindset’ and are driven to get the best for our young people through an exceptional business and community support network that provides as aspiration and guidance.

Our vision is to create and support ‘hubs’ of academies across Somerset, working collaboratively under the Wessex umbrella. Supported by the Trust, these hubs will connect with their community, including the Town Council, Arts venues, sporting teams, the volunteer sector, the business community, social care structures and parent support networks.

As a Trust, we are dedicated to a locality-based approach to growth and welcome future partnerships with Somerset schools who share our passion for providing outstanding outcomes for all young people, regardless of background or ability.

How we work

Wessex Learning Trust is a collegiate group of schools, leaders, governors and staff who work together very successfully.

We are committed to working in partnership with Trust schools, celebrating each schools distinctiveness whilst sharing, and schools aligning with, the Trust set of values – that young people come first, that staff need development opportunities and care, to be effective in their delivery. Culture is incredibly important to us, and our People Strategy reflects this.

Trust schools are proud to be part of the Trust and we are proud of Trust schools.

Central Team

Our expert Central Team is led by the Chief Executive, Director of Operations, Director of Learning and we have recently appointed a Director of Primary Education/Deputy Chief Executive. The central team supports schools with finance, payroll, school improvement, data and curriculum, estates management, health and safety, human resources, IT and marketing and communications.

The Trust also employs a Director of Maths, who is part of the regional maths group and works nationally. We have a Speech, Language and Communication specialist to help lead in this area, linking to reading, oracy and literacy. We have a specialist leading our Modern Foreign Languages strategy and we will be recruiting a Director of English and Director of Science. Our vision is to recruit an Educational Psychologist to join the Trust to use their understanding of learning habits and retention strategies to develop teaching methods and improve student learning.

Our strong central business systems allow Headteachers to focus on leading their school, and teachers to focus on their core business of teaching, learning and assessment to drive outstanding outcomes for our young people.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we still make our own decisions if we join?

Have further questions? Get in touch at office@wessexlearningtrust.co.uk