Kings Students Gain Insight into Live Events Industry at PYTCH Warehouse and Studios

March 11, 2024

Last month, February 11th marked an enriching journey for students as they delved into the vibrant world of live events at the PYTCH warehouse and studios in Bristol. The trip proved to be a resounding success, offering students an immersive experience and invaluable insights into the workings of the industry.

Under the guidance of PYTCH professionals, students were treated to informative talks shedding light on various career paths within the live events sector. From event management to technical production, the students received firsthand knowledge about the diverse opportunities available in this dynamic field.

A highlight of the trip was the hands-on experience as they honed their skills using industry-standard lighting and sound equipment. This practical session not only allowed them to familiarise themselves with the tools of the trade but also provided a glimpse into the technical intricacies involved in orchestrating successful live events.

The tour of the PYTCH facility was an eye-opening experience for the students. From the sprawling warehouse where innovative stage setups come to life to the state-of-the-art studios equipped for audiovisual productions, the students received a comprehensive overview of the behind-the-scenes operations.

One particularly memorable stop on the tour was the visit to the Private 727 Jet, utilised by PYTCH for client meetings. The students were fascinated by this unique aspect of the business, gaining insight into the lengths to which companies go to provide exceptional service and create unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Overall, the trip to the PYTCH warehouse and studios proved to be a valuable educational experience, offering Kings Academy students a glimpse into the fast-paced and dynamic world of live events. As they return to their classrooms, they carry with them not only newfound knowledge but also a sense of excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead in their careers.