Collaborative Creativity: Trust Director and Parent Artist Transform Wedmore First School Library with Vibrant Mural

March 11, 2024

In a remarkable collaboration between education leadership and parental talent, Sarah Hobbs, Director of Learning at Wessex Learning Trust, and artist parent Jo Spicer, have breathed new life into Wedmore First School’s library and learning zone. Together, they have designed and painted a captivating mural to ignite the imaginations of young learners.

The mural, bursting with vibrant colors and a playful design, has quickly become a focal point within the school. It not only enhances the space but also creates an immersive environment conducive to sparking curiosity and creativity among students.

Expressing her excitement about the project, Sarah Hobbs emphasized the importance of creating an engaging learning environment for children. “We wanted to transform the library into a space that would inspire and motivate our learners to explore the world of knowledge with curiosity,” she remarked.

The children have eagerly embraced the newly space, showing their excitement to explore and learn in such a colorful and inviting setting. The transformation has not only enriched the physical environment of the school but also energised the experience for all those using the space.

With the completion of this collaborative project, Wedmore First School has underscored the value of partnerships between educators, parents, and the wider community in nurturing an enriching educational environment for children.