Weare First School Embraces Diwali Spirit with Joyful Celebrations

November 20, 2023

Last week, Weare First School immersed itself in the vibrant festivities of Diwali, creating lasting memories for pupils and fostering cultural understanding. Preschool practitioner Baishali organised various activities to commemorate the festival of lights.

Children were captivated by the enchanting Diwali story, gaining insights into the significance and traditions surrounding the celebration. The magic continued as they explored the reasons behind Diwali, connecting with the essence of triumph over darkness and the victory of good over evil.

Engaging their fine motor skills, the young learners crafted intricate rangoli patterns, showcasing creativity and precision. Hands-on experiences continued with the molding of Diwali diyas from clay. The children eagerly painted and adorned these traditional lamps with a kaleidoscope of colours and a touch of glitter!

Diyas, symbolising the welcome of goddess Lakshmi and the celebration of righteousness prevailing, became a tangible expression of the festive spirit within the school’s walls.

Adding a personal touch to the celebration, Baishali graced the occasion dressed in a beautiful saree, a traditional Indian attire. She shared with the children the customs of Diwali, offering insights into the culinary delights prepared, the distribution of sweets, and the sense of community that unites during this auspicious time.

The event served not only as a celebration of Diwali but also as an educational journey, promoting cultural awareness and appreciation among the children. Weare First School remains committed to fostering an inclusive environment where diverse traditions are celebrated and cherished.