Fairlands Middle School Unveils Vibrant Rebrand, Embracing a Journey of Change and Growth

December 15, 2023

In a momentous stride towards a fresh identity, Fairlands Middle School proudly introduces its revitalised brand, a visual representation of the school’s core values and commitment to nurturing an environment of excellence and inclusivity. This exciting transformation encompasses various key elements that breathe life into Fairlands’ renewed spirit.


At the heart of the rebrand is the school’s new logo, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of growth and embarking on new quests. Delving into the symbolism of the Stag and Arthurian legends, the white stag within the logo signifies the commencement of a new journey, symbolising Fairlands’ dedication to guiding students as they grow into young individuals. The connectivity crown element not only pays homage to King Arthur but also underscores Fairlands’ role as a hub of connections and collaboration, echoing its Cheddar location. The crown also links in nicely with Kings Academy, where the majority of Fairlands pupils transition to in Year 9.


The reimagined colour palette, a harmonious blend of deep navy blue and vibrant raspberry, is designed to captivate and engage. This pairing not only radiates vibrancy but also strikes a balance that resonates across the entire brand, symbolizing the school’s dynamic spirit.

Strap Line:

“We Collaborate, Achieve & Belong” — this powerful new strap line succinctly encapsulates the ethos of Fairlands Middle School. It not only articulates the offerings but also reflects the school’s personality and character, embodying the collaborative spirit that defines the school.

As the school gears up for the unveiling of its new brand, the transition will unfold across various facets, from official documents to prominent signage, the new website, and marketing materials. The grand reveal of the new Fairlands sign at the school entrance, eagerly anticipated, is scheduled for the return of pupils after the Christmas break. This milestone marks not just a change in appearance but a profound evolution aligning with Fairlands Middle School’s unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment.

Parents, students, and the community at large can look forward to embracing this exciting transformation, symbolising a new chapter in Fairlands Middle School’s journey towards educational excellence.