Three reasons children should learn first aid

June 30, 2023

One of the fabulous benefits of being part of Wessex Learning Trust is the fantastic Mini-Medics training that takes place in our first and primary school, facilitated by the team at Kings Fitness and Leisure team.

First aid education is a great way to develop a child’s self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to cope with emergencies, as well as develop an understanding of risk which is good to learn from a young age.

The Mini-Medics training was recently delivered as an after-school activity at Mark First School, where some very keen mini first-aiders were willing to show us what they were learning!

There are many benefits to children learning simple first-aid from a young age, below are three great reasons they should:

1. Build confidence

You never know when someone may need first-aid and when they do, every second counts. Confidence is the main reason adults don’t respond in an emergency so teaching our children from a young age will help to build their confidence for the future and give them a good understanding of what is happening should they ever witness someone in need of first-aid.

2. Save a life

This might sound extreme, but life is unpredictable and if a child finds themselves in a situation in which first-aid is needed for themselves or someone they are with this could be the difference that changes the outcome of that situation. As a parent, having peace of mind that your child has a basic understanding of first-aid is reassuring.

3. Have fun!

As serious as delivering first-aid can be, learning first-aid can be a fun and rewarding experience for young people and helps them develop relationships, understand their bodies and work in a fun way with a partner or team.