Rising star Jo Hill returns to King’s Academy for inspiring performance

April 26, 2024

Emerging singer-songwriter Jo Hill, who has recently signed with Parlophone Records returned to her old school, King’s Academy accompanied by her all-female band. Jo and her band delivered a captivating acoustic performance that resonated deeply with the students and school staff.

The event, which took place in the school’s Corrick Theatre, had students from both King’s Academy and Fairlands Middle School in attendance. Jo’s return was not only a musical showcase but also an educational opportunity, as she engaged in a Q&A session with the students following her performance.

Throughout the session, Jo shared insights into her musical journey, which began in her hometown of Cheddar. She recounted her early days at King’s Academy, highlighting how her school environment played a crucial role in nurturing her passion for music along with musical family influences. Jo emphasised the importance of embracing individuality and staying true to oneself, a message that resonated strongly with the young audience.

The students were particularly inspired by Jo’s authenticity and her message of self-expression through music. The Q&A session was filled with thoughtful questions about her experiences and the nuances of a career in music. Hill’s responses were candid and insightful, providing a realistic yet hopeful perspective on the life of a professional musician.

Jo Hill’s visit was a memorable experience for everyone involved, leaving a lasting impression on the students and reminding them of the power of music as a tool for personal and artistic growth.