Lympsham CofE Academy are the next to unveil their vibrant new rebrand

June 24, 2024

Keen to update their outdated logo, Lympsham Church of England Academy in the heart of Lympsham village, has undertaken the exciting step towards a revamp of their logo and brand.

Heart of the community

Lympsham C of E Academy is unquestionably dedicated to its community and people, the staff go above and beyond to ensure every child achieves their fullest potential and have a great commitment and knowledge of the community to help it flourish. Parents were asked to provide the school with three keywords to describe who they are, these were: Friendly, Outstanding, Accommodating, Relationships, Supportive, Calming, Welcoming, Excellent, Hard Working, Small Community Lead, Wholesome, Personal, Enthusiastic, and Ambitious. Each of these keywords does highlight the community aspect of the Lympsham remarkable.

Christian values

The five Christian values ‘Hope – Enjoyment – Aspiration – Respect – Thankful’ that underpin everything we do to ensure our children thrive, align perfectly as they’re not only an acronym for the word ‘HEART’ but also highlight the values of our community that continue to flourish. Ultimately, Lympsham CofE Academy is ‘A Christian Community with Children at its Heart’.

The logo

The logo takes inspiration from the very unique flower-shaped window at the front of our school building. What’s brilliant about this shape is that it has a central point (the heart) and petals (the people) surrounding it which aligns perfectly with our remarkable and strapline but is also very distinctive to our school identity.

The strapline

Our strapline ‘A Christian Community with Children at its Heart’ delivers our offering, personality and character.