Axbridge First School Teacher spreading her magic on the next generation of teachers!

March 28, 2023

As a school, Axbridge First School has long been involved with supporting the development of the next generation of teachers, many of whom now work within Somerset based Wessex Learning Trust. For much of this time, Deputy Head Kellie Nash has guided these trainees on their journey, with her incredible energy and unswerving focus on ensuring that they put the very best teachers in front of the learners of tomorrow.  

Kellie is an exceptional Personal Tutor to the students and this was highlighted recently in an OFSTED inspection of SCITT. The HMI recognised Kellie ‘as the Gold Star Standard of Personal Tutor and he’d like to spread that magic everywhere’.  

Kelli Nash (middle) with Teacher trainees Scott Mullins and Kate Preece.

As a Personal Tutor, Kellie’s role is to support trainees in all aspects of: planning, assessment, classroom management,  building positive relationships, understanding the emotional wellbeing of pupils and strategies for all children to access curriculum. In reality, the list is longer, but these key areas underpin the focus of support within the training year for their trainees. When asked about the role, Kellie shared: 

“I love doing it because I think it is important to share knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to make a difference. It’s the children that are important and bringing their learning alive and igniting a love of learning is crucial. It is vital to do this in a nurturing and supportive way where children feel confident to challenge themselves and are confident in their own abilities. Also, making them emotionally literate so they can achieve anything, not just academic outcomes.

I am motivated to guide and develop like-minded teachers, who have the children’s best interests at the heart of what they do. Not just that, by supporting teachers to be passionate, to go above and beyond and to make children’s learning experience the best it can be – this is why I love the work I do!” 

Headteacher at Axbridge School, Dominic Shillabeer said:

We were so pleased that Kellie’s efforts, passion and enthusiasm were recognised.  More than that, we were delighted to know that the training and personal development that our trainee teachers experience, is of a high-quality and contributes to a better education for the children under our care. I am sure you would like to join me in congratulating Kellie for her wonderful achievements so far, as well as being made aware of yet another passionate, caring and driven colleague within Wessex Learning Trust.’