Giant Egg Laid at Trust Office

April 1, 2021

Learners arriving at the Kings of Wessex Academy this morning were greeted by an unusual sight, following the laying of a large Easter egg overnight by an unknown bird. The egg was sited among the ruins of the former Saxon Palace at the front of the school, just outside of the Wessex Learning Trust offices.

Caretakers unlocking the school this morning were the first to spot the unusual addition to the site, alerting Chief Executive Gavin Ball soon after. Following a thorough inspection, the Chief Executive commented:

“Many would say that over the last twelve months we have seen it all in education … but this morning really takes the biscuit!

“Although surprising, we are not concerned that the egg poses a risk to students, and therefore are encouraging parents to send their children to school as usual. The relevant authorities have been contacted in connection to its appearance, and we aim to have the obstruction cleared by the end of the the day”

Gavin Ball – Chief Executive

The identity of the mysterious avian remains unknown, however representatives from the RSPB are due to arrive later today to inspect the egg in a bid to discover its owner.

Residents in the local area have been asked to remain vigilant for any unusual birds flying above Cheddar’s skies.