From Crispin School to Centre Stage: Tobias’s Journey in Theatre and Acting

November 6, 2023

Meet Tobias Turley, an alumnus of Crispin School, where he began his educational journey from 2011 to 2016. During his time at Crispin, Tobias was under the guidance of Mr. Petch, his tutor, who early on recognised his leadership potential. In Year 7, Mr. Petch foresaw Tobias becoming the Head Boy, a prediction that would come true in his final year at the school.

Tobias was not just a student; he was also a budding actor. He actively participated in two of Crispin’s school productions, showcasing his passion for the performing arts. His enthusiasm for drama was nurtured by two remarkable teachers, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Baumgardt, who left an indelible mark on his love for the dramatic arts.

After Crispin, Tobias continued his academic journey at Strode College, where he pursued A Levels in Film Studies, Media Studies, and Spanish. Beyond the classroom, he was a dedicated athlete, representing Somerset and Great Britain in Handball. He was equally committed to the world of drama, participating in local theatre societies and performances, including productions like “Fame,” “High School Musical,” and “Joseph” with the local group YMTC.

Tobias’s passion for performing deepened when he joined The South West School of Dance. He initially became involved in their production of “Cats” and soon found himself in the lead role of “Barnum” at Strode Theatre. It was during this time that Tobias discovered his calling to attend Drama School and train professionally.

With unwavering determination, Tobias took extra dance and singing lessons at The South West School of Dance to prepare for auditions. His hard work paid off as he received offers from three prestigious institutions: Mountview, a full scholarship at Laines, and the Guildford School of Acting (GSA). He chose GSA as the place to hone his craft.

Tobias’s three-year journey at GSA culminated in a degree in Musical Theatre and a valuable asset in the form of an agent—a coveted achievement in the industry. He landed his first professional role as the Prince in Sleeping Beauty at the Mansfield Pantomime. Soon after, he auditioned and secured the main singer and dancer role for the UK and Ireland tour of Giovanni Pernice from “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Tobias’s career continued to ascend, taking him to Slovakia to portray Diesel in “West Side Story.” Upon his return, he embarked on a series of challenging auditions, ultimately landing the role of Kurt in the London West End Show ‘Heathers,’ which he held until February 2023.

Tobias’s journey took another exciting turn when he secured a spot in the ITV show ‘Mamma Mia, I Have a Dream,’ which was filmed in Corfu and is now airing on ITV1 every Sunday at 6.15pm. If you aspire to pursue a career in the theatre or acting, Tobias’s story is a testament to the joy and fulfillment it can bring. However, he also emphasises the need for resilience, as the road to success often involves numerous auditions and rejections, with callbacks ranging from 8 to 10 times before landing a role!