Expert in improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners returns to the Trust

June 29, 2023

This week Marc Rowland, national expert in improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners returned to the Trust to work with the Trust Disadvantage Leads.

The morning began with Marc delivering a keynote on how addressing educational disadvantage is a privilege, not a problem. Sharing pieces of work he is currently engaged with, he refined the key points that has previously been raised, such as getting the climate right, how addressing disadvantage is a process not an event and what drivers are behind addressing educational disadvantage.

Marc then led a session in which all Disadvantage Leads were asked to reflect on their observations of when choice of language empowers others, particularly disadvantaged learners and how reframing culture using a shared language can support this.

The final session explored how we are leading to ensure everyone is working together to achieve our shared vision for disadvantaged learners, the group shared their lived experiences, good and bad to discuss, analyse and support.

Marc Rowland and Sarah Hobbs, Trust Director of Learning