Apple varieties are the theme of Sandford Primary class names

May 22, 2023

In the UK alone we grow over 2,500 apple varieties out of 7,000 varieties available worldwide. Somerset cider makers Thatchers, proudly grows 458 different varieties in their exhibition orchard which is more than any collection of apples grown for cider anywhere in the world!

Wessex Learning Trust academy, Sandford Primary School has a close working relationship with the apple growers as they are in such close proximity to the home of Thatchers, Myrtle Farm, so it was real delight that fifth generation Eleanor Thatcher visited her old primary school on Monday 15th May to say a few words to Sandford children at their Class Naming Ceremony.

The whole school came together for an outside assembly where the new apple variety class names were revealed by the School Council. All classes sat patiently, each with an apple in their hands, while they waited to hear which variety their class was named after. Afterwards, they were keen to tuck into their apples and proudly take their class signs back to their classrooms to hang above their classroom door!

Eleanor Thatcher told us:

‘It was wonderful to visit my old school for the Class Naming Ceremony and a real joy to tell the children about how the environment and being a sustainable business is so important to us. It’s lovely that each class is now named after an apple variety, which is a real testament to how proud the Sandford community is of our orchard heritage.’