Wessex Learning Trust – Earmarked for Growth

The Trust is delighted to confirm that the recent meeting of the Headteachers’ Board at the Regional School Commissioner’s Office has approved the application of the Mendip Edge Federation to join the Wessex Learning Trust.

The Federation consisting of Fairlands Middle School, Cheddar First School, Shipham CofE VC First School and Draycott & Rodney Stoke CofE VA First School will join the Trust in the next few months. When they do, the Trust will then comprise thirteen schools and approximately 3500 learners.  Moreover, the Trust will be unique in that it will cover all education establishments in the immediate area meaning that children will have access to a Trust school for their entire education journey from 2-19. This has significant educational benefits for our children, staff and the communities.

It has been a long-term aspiration to have all the schools in the Cheddar Valley within the family of the Trust. Whilst great steps have been made to merge the Federation with the Trust, the exciting work of integrating the two together now starts.