Weare School Come Together Through the Power of Song

By Sam Kail-Dyke, the Wessex Learning Trust

The Coronavirus lockdown, and subsequent shutting of schools, has been hard on everyone – not least the children and staff in schools who are so accustomed to seeing each other every day. Despite being physically distant however, many people have been able to find creative ways of staying close during these trying times; and nowhere is this more true than at Weare First School.

As a Church of England school, the staff and children at Weare were invited by the Diocese to make use of a number of worship resources, created for use during the lockdown. One of these was a song – ‘Looking to the Rainbow’ – by Nick and Becky Drake; who’s positive message and offer of hope made it the perfect candidate for a virtual sing along!

And thus, the stage was set and a group of children from years two, three and four all set up at home with cameras and headphones to record themselves singing along so that everyone could be edited together into one ‘Virtual Choir’!

The positive effects of singing on mood and morale are well documented, and we’re sure this was something which all the children taking part enjoyed no-end. Further to this however, the finished product – which can be viewed at the bottom of this article – was shared with students, staff, and parents from the whole school and according to Felicity Gibb (Deputy Headteacher at the school) was:

“Instrumental in bringing us together as a school community in these current tricky circumstances”

Felicity Gibb, Deputy Headteacher

We know the video definitely put a smile on our faces, and we’re incredibly proud of our children for doing something so wonderful despite the current adversity.

You can watch and listen to the finished product below:

Looking to the Rainbow by the Children of Weare Academy