Weare Children Become Romans for the Day

Earlier this term the Year 4 class at Weare First School academy enjoyed a day transported back to Roman Times! The school saw children come in dressed as everything from centurions to elegant Roman ladies.

In the morning the children learned about Roman Numerals, and constructed a numberline and clock. Then we were then delighted that the legionary Lucius Maiorius Cogitatus (Mr Coggins) joined them. He came dressed in his armour with his weapons and shield and taught the children all about life as a Roman soldier.  Then he helped the children practise their marching formations with their homemade Roman shields.

As well as marching, the children learned many Latin words and commands and made wax tablets (that the Romans used to write on) and catapults, which were tested in the playground. They worked really well!

In the afternoon, the children made mosaics from their own photos as well as some particularly yummy pizza!

A great day was had by all, and definitely gave all the children a true flavour of Roman life! In some ways it seemed a shame to return to the present!!