Trust Schools Shine with Three Ofsted Inspections in One Month

Within the space of a single month last term, three of the
first schools within the Wessex Learning Trust received Ofsted inspections, and
with them praise for the high standard of their pupil’s behaviour as well as teaching
and learning environments.

The three schools – Lympsham, East Brent, and Mark (all run
by Executive Headteacher Fiona Robertson) – all renewed their ‘Good’ rating,
with inspectors noting particular success in the school’s teaching of numeracy
and literacy across all years, Reception to Year 4. Strengths were also seen in
the way the schools all encourage children to foster a love of learning, and to
go above and beyond what they learn in the classroom to excel in other areas
such as Music.

According to the report: “since joining the trust, wider opportunities for pupils have increased significantly” with collaborations between schools offering experiences that would have been otherwise unavailable to students, as well as enabling staff to share their expertise and help the schools grow.

Children at East Brent First School

Chief Executive of the Wessex Learning Trust, Gavin Ball, praised the results of the three Ofsted inspections, saying:

“It is testament to the strength of our Trust model that our schools continue to succeed across the board. I am proud of the caring and productive environments created by our staff, and the hard work they’ve put into earning this recognition”.

Executive Headteacher of the three schools, Fiona Robertson, thanked her dedicated and hardworking staff and especially the children for making the schools what they are, going on to say:

“It is a privilege to work with three amazing rural schools which all offer a unique and special education for children aged 2 to 9”.

In addition to an Ofsted inspection, Lympsham also received in the same month a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) and further renewed their Good rating.

Children at Mark First School

The standard of the three schools, and the Trust itself, is
shown in the exceptional outcome of these inspections; but is perhaps best
summarised by a quote from one of the school’s reports, which said that pupils
“love school”, something perhaps which there can be no higher praise.

Parents wishing to visit any of the schools – Lympsham, Mark, or East Brent – are welcome at any time! Please contact the reception to make an appointment to meet our welcoming staff and see for yourself the unique opportunities at one of our idyllic, small, rural schools. The Schools will also be running Open Days on April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th to which all are most welcome to attend!