New Trustees Bring Expertise to the Trust

By Sam Kail-Dyke – the Wessex Learning Trust

The Wessex Learning Trust is proud to announce its appointment of three new Trustees to its board; all of whom bring valuable, varied, and exciting skills and expertise to the table; to help the Trust continue to grow and promote its vision of an exceptional education for all our young people.

Mandy Milsom (pictured above) is one of the new Trustees, and brings with her 33 years of experience working in the primary education sector – with 28 of those in senior leadership roles. She has been headteacher at a number of schools, and has a reputation for transforming challenging, often inner-city institutions into top class establishments.

Most recently, Mandy worked in Bristol as the Executive Principle and Trust Primary Advisor at the Cabot Learning Trust where she gained knowledge and extensive experience in supporting schools through intense periods of change. She has also received Ofsted training and spent several terms working in the secondary sector, giving her a varied and well rounded career, with a wealth of experience to bring to our Trust.

Mandy’s philosophy is one of putting children first, and this echo’s that of the Trust; making her an invaluable addition to our team.

Tricia Parfitt

Alongside Mandy, we have also been lucky to appoint Tricia Parfitt to the board. Tricia is a qualified and experienced practitioner for early years, who brings significant knowledge of the younger education sector to the Trust Board. The former manager of an Outstanding local nursery, she will provide key support in helping maintain a truly 2 to 19 vision.

Melanie Casey

Melanie Casey also joins us as a Trustee. Melanie is a Chartered Accountant with experience in growing businesses and enabling transformation. She will be aiding the Trust in securing its continued growth.

We are delighted to welcome all our new Trustees to the Trust, and look forward to working with them to grow our business and safeguard an exceptional education for all the learners in our care.

You can find out more about all our Members and Trustees here