Kings Student Keeps Local Spirits Up

By Becki Pearce, Kings of Wessex Academy

Prior to lockdown, the Kings of Wessex Academy were commencing collaborative work with the local Winscombe Hall Care Home and had just started to talk about some amazing projects the students could work on for the residents. Unfortunately lockdown meant these plans had to be placed on hold. That is until, following the Academy’s tweet about writing to a local care home in these difficult times in conjunction with VE Day celebrations, Year 10 Avalon student – Matilda – contacted Acting Head of Lyonesse House, Mr. Matt Rigg, about writing a letter to the residents to cheer them up should they be missing their families. 

Matilda preceded to write a lovely letter, accompanied by a poem, photo of herself in her Sea Cadets uniform and a couple of songs recorded on her flute for the residents to listen to.

We have no doubt that this will have brightened so many people’s days in these otherwise trying times!

Head of House, Mr. Rigg, commented that

“Matilda is a shining example of really seeing the very best in humankind during these difficult circumstances and thinking of others”

Mr. Matt Rigg, HOH – Avalon

We’re really proud of this amazing work by Matilda, and believe she has demonstrated the sort of community spirit and empathy which the Trust hopes to inspire in all of its learners. We hope it brightens up your day!

You can read Matilda’s Letter and Poem, and see her drawing, below:

To The Residents of Winscombe Hall Care Home,

I hope that everyone is well. I know that it is difficult for everyone at the moment not being able to see family so I wanted to write all of you a letter to hopefully cheer you up.

I am 14 and love music, I play the flute, piccolo and piano. I am also part of the Sea Cadet Corps. I wonder if this reminds you of  activities you did as a teenager.

The weather is certainly helping with everyone’s spirits in our house, I hope it’s the same for you. Looking out of my bedroom window, I can see cows and their calves lying in the sun, some are just days old. I’ve seen a lot of wildlife in the field opposite recently, foxes, deer, Canadian geese, ducks and rabbits with their babies.

I have recorded a few flute pieces for you to listen to and have also drawn a picture below and included a photo of myself in my cadet uniform, I hope you like them.

We have been set some tasks from school to keep us busy, one was to write a poem. I thought that you might like to read mine that I wrote about lockdown…

Covid 19
One loaf of bread in the shop.
Two cherry tomatoes, that’s your lot.
Three hours of music practice, why not?
Four hours online to get a delivery.
Five kilos of potatoes – mum, I think you meant to order 5 pounds
‪Six o’clock – dinner time!
Seven colours of the rainbow.
‪Eight o’clock, clap for the heroes.
Nine – I might consider waking up now.
Ten o’clock news, PM and Big Ben
Eleven meals of potatoes, when are we going to be through them?
Twelve hours of sleep.
Thirteen something – well we’ve been unlucky, haven’t we?
Fourteen days off for the holidays.
Fifteen minutes after a meal until I’m hungry.
Sixteen bike rides around the same route, I’m getting bored now.
Seventeen voluntary homework tasks.
Eighteen hours a day for little or no pay for the heroes we call the NHS.
Nineteen – well what other that Covid 19?

– Matilda

Stay positive, we will get through this and be stronger afterwards. I hope that this letter made you smile.Sending you a Kings Cheer for VE Day,