Environment Tops the Curriculum at Wessex Learning Trust

In the age of Gretta Thunberg and the climate emergency, schools in the Wessex Learning Trust have been doing their bit this term for the environment.

At Axbridge First School for instance, children have begun
work towards ‘Eco-School Accreditation’ by forming a new Eco-Team who have
already been hard at work conducting an environmental audit of the school and
implementing changes to help reduce their carbon footprint. This has included
collecting every class’s food waste for composting rather than landfill, and
even going to the staff room at break time to collect their tea bags! As well
as this the school has become a drop of point for items that would otherwise be
unable to be recycled – such as baby food pouches and batteries – and, thanks
to PTA funding, planted a small copse of trees on the school field to provide
children with shade in the summer, as well as fresher air to breathe.

Elsewhere in the Trust, East Brent and Lympsham First
Schools have been celebrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
week – with Lympsham focusing particularly on ‘creating a sustainable world’.
Each class looked at different topics, such as wind and water power, and
insulation, to help improve their understanding of how they are able to make a
difference. Meanwhile at Mark First School, students have been similarly
environmental, running a ‘Save the Rainforest’ event to help them raise money
to adopt an endangered animal – ending up so successful they were able to adopt
five: an orangutan; a sloth; an African elephant; a jaguar and a red panda.

All in all, it’s safe to say it has been a ‘green’ term at the Wessex Learning Trust, and we’re proud of how keen all our children have been to get involved and make a difference for their planet!

Children, parents and staff helping to plant trees at Axbridge
Some of Axbridge’s Eco Team with their new baby food pouch recycling point