Congratulations Class of 2020!

This year has not been like other years.

There have been no exams or summer balls, no celebrations, and no goodbyes. You have battled adversity and challenge unlike anything we have seen for a long, long time; but you have persevered. This year may have not been like other years, but you have stood up to the challenges which faced you and you have overcome.

You will be remembered in the history books as the year that had everything thrown at them to stop them and get them down, but who would not let it succeed. For this you should be proud.

Whether you’re moving on to university, or another school; whether you’re about to start exam courses, or just move to a new class – we are proud of you.

Thank you, for inspiring us with your perseverance, and for taking everything in your stride. We miss you, and although we can’t see you right now, we wish you best wishes and good luck for the future. If you can get through this year, then trust us: you can get through anything.

From Everyone Across the Wessex Learning Trust