Cheddar Brass Band Keep the Music Playing Despite Lockdown

By Sam Kail-Dyke, the Wessex Learning Trust

When lockdown was implemented by the Government seven weeks ago, for the Brass band of the Cheddar Valley Music club it meant that their regular Wednesday rehearsals – which have been going on uninterrupted for 40 years – had to come to a temporary halt. This was a particular blow since the club had been just weeks away from a special 40th anniversary concert which unfortunately has had to be postponed.

Despite this however, the club – run by Anne Higgs – would not let the situation get the better of them; and thus set about creating a ‘virtual brass band’ to help keep spirits up during these strange times. Therefore, from homes across the local area, musicians sat down with cameras to record their part of the piece ‘Brazil’ by Barroso. Each of these were then stitched together by band member Sam Kail-Dyke into a recording which brought everyone just a little bit closer during these physically distant times, and hopefully recreate some of the fun of a regular practice night.

The recording features over 30 performers – mostly students of the Wessex Learning Trust – of all ages and has gained lots of positive feedback from the parents and children who took part.

Conductor and Founder of the Cheddar Valley Music Club, Anne Higgs, commented:

“It’s so wonderful for everyone to be playing again – even if it can’t be physically together. I’m so happy that the project has given everyone something fun to do while their stuck at home, and I hope that it has brought a smile to their faces as they get see and hear their bandmates again!”

Anne Higgs

The Cheddar Valley Music Club hopes to celebrate their 40th Anniversary later in the year with a special concert once it is safe to do so.  

You can watch the band’s virtual recording here: