Celebrating Culture at Hugh Sexey’s

Students at Hugh Sexey Middle School have this term had many
wonderful opportunities to learn about, engage, and celebrate cultures other
than their own.

In January for instance, Year 6 pupils travelled to the
Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Synagogue as part of their RE studies on
Judaism. There, students were told about what it is like to live as part of a
Jewish family in Britain, and what significance the Synagogue has to the Jewish
faith. Students – who have been studying the faith in their RE lessons,
demonstrated lots of great knowledge and were able to ask many brilliant, and
perceptive questions. As a reward, students even got to try some delicious plaited
Challah bread!

Further to this, Year 7 pupils got to take part in an
incredible Japanese ‘Taiko’ drumming workshop as part of their World Music
project. This is a centuries old musical tradition, and the workshop saw pupils
learn all about origins of the music and the context which surrounds the pieces
they were taught to play. For all the musicians involved this experience
definitely broadened their musical horizons, and offered them an exciting new
influence to explore in their own music making.

An incredibly insightful time has certainly been had by all, and has no doubt enriched not only what children have been learning in the classroom, but also their wider social education – exposing them to the beautiful cultural tapestry which exists in our world today.

Students learning about Taiko drumming
Students being shown the Sefer Torah Scrolls in the Synagogue